Farmtario Article Highlights the Benefits of Adding BioLiNE’s Fulvic Acids to Your Growing Regimen

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BioLiNE® products have a proven track record of outstanding performance established with over two million acres of on-farm application. We pride ourselves on providing an effective product which consistently helps growers in the field. Our technology is based on isolating targeted fractions of fulvic acids that improve the movement and assimilation of nutrients, and other active-ingredients by plants.

So what is fulvic acid and how does it help growers?

Fulvic acids are one of three very broad spectrum of compounds that constitute humic substances (humins and humic acids are the other two). They are naturally formed organic acids that are categorized into the three groups based on their solubility in solutions. Fulvic acids are soluble in both acidic and caustic solutions, while humic acids are not soluble in acidic solutions, and humins are not soluble at all. Humic substances are found in soils, natural waters, peat, sub-bituminous coals, lignite and leonardite. They are the stable (resistant to further degradation) portion of the Soil Organic Matter (SOM) that gives fertile soil the rich, dark brown to black colour and distinct texture. Fulvic acids are the smallest, most soluble, and most mobile fractions of soil humus, and unfortunately these features that make them integral to soil fertility, also makes them easier to lose under cultivation. Depletion of SOM, in particular fulvic acids, is common on many farms. Re-introducing fulvic acids to crop production, improves the movement, exchange, and assimilation of nutrients between the plants, the soil, and soil biology. Supplementing crop production with fulvic acids help growers improve yields, reduce inputs, improve crop protection, and feed soil biology.

One key feature of BioLiNE® technology is our ability to isolate and purify targeted fractions of the humic substances we extract, achieving a very consistent fulvic acids product. Using our proprietary Fulv-IQ® process, BioLiNE products are engineered for ease-of-use as an ingredient for fluid fertilizer formulators, or a delivery mechanism for other biostimulants, enhancing their impact on crops. BioLiNE’s fulvic acids are extremely consistent in terms of their molecular, chemical, and physical properties making them superior to most fulvic products in the market. The high purity and efficacy of our technology makes our products compatible and easy to tank mix with most fertilizers, or agrochemicals. The exceptional tank-mix compatibility of our product reduces application costs to growers by providing a free-ride for our technology. With low usage rate requirements, the products can help improve crop production.

In this recent article written by Lilian Schaer from Farmtario, we had a chance to tell Ontario farmers why we are so excited about fulvic acids and how BioLiNE technology can be used on farms to improve the sustainability of food production. Click on the image above to read the full article!

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