BioLiNE® Gold Fulvic Acid

BioLiNE® Gold is an effective and affordable tool for helping growers manage their crops.

A purified and concentrated liquid fulvic acid that is recommended for use with all fertility programs to boost crop yield and vigor. BioLiNE® Gold can be used on any crop grown either in soil or hydroponically. It can also be used as an ingredient in seed coatings to enhance germination and early-stage plant development. For field crop usage, it can be applied to the soil in-furrow, banded, or side-dressed, it can also be applied by fertigation or as foliar spray.

Maximum Purity

Purified using our proprietary Fulv-IQ™ process targeting specific fulvic acid isolates with high activity and nutrient loading capacity

Low Usage Rate

As little as 8 oz/ac (200ml/ac) promotes a positive crop response. Application recommendations may vary based on crop type and timing

Consistent and Reliable

Adhering to stringent QCMS protocols and using advanced analytical technologies to measure, monitor and control production

Product Benefits

Supplementing crop production with fulvic acids help growers by improving:

  • Rapid and even emergence
  • Nutrient assimilation and transport
  • Water use efficiency
  • Abiotic stress resistance
  • Soil microbial population
  • Crop growth and yields

Not all labels are alike and varied claims regarding content can be confusing to consumers. Products bearing the HPTA Test Method Certified® Seal changes that through standardization. The HPTA Test Method Certified® Seal demonstrates that these products meet a high-quality standard. The HPTA Test Method Certified® Seal puts everyone on notice, including consumers and governmental officials, that the advertising claims related to the content of humic and fulvic acid have been verified employing scientific standardized procedures.


Products are available to international customers and can be purchased in bulk tanker loads, 275 USG (1000L) totes, or skids of 2.5 USG (10L) jugs.