Our Innovative Technology

BioLiNE® Corporation is a technology development company focused on providing advanced, science-based solutions to improve crop production. Our company has a strong focus on research and innovation. The products we have developed improve the sustainability of farm operations. All of our product innovations were formulated for scale-up, with compatibility, and ease-of-use in mind. They can be mixed into existing crop inputs and combined with other technologies at various points through the supply chain, including fertilizer formulators and blenders, custom applicators, or by farmers. With low usage rate requirements and a track record of consistent positive impact, our technologies are a very attractive option for farmers.

We use our proprietary Fulv-IQ® process to purify and isolate targeted fractions of fulvic acids that have the most crop-beneficial properties. Our technology is a simple, effective and affordable tool for helping growers manage their crops. It improves the crops nutrient use efficiency by enhancing the availability, transport and assimilation of nutrients, and other crop beneficial molecules. Our fulvic acids are an essential tool that growers can use to bolster the crops natural defenses against key stress factors throughout the season.

With low usage rate requirements, our versatile solutions can be added to starter and foliar fertilizers, tank-mixed with herbicides or fungicides, impregnated onto dry fertilizers, or applied as an ingredient in seed treatment. With more than 2 million acres treated across Canada and the U.S., BioLiNE® is committed to providing value to our customers, and ensuring satisfaction through proactive engagement every step of the way.

BioLiNE® Technology Features & Advantages

BioLiNE®’s Biogenic Nutrient Accelerator™ (BNA) Technology is essential to sustainable crop production in our ever-changing environment. It plays an important role in improving soil health by promoting microbial diversity, population and balance. BioLiNE® products are designed to mitigate the negative impacts of abiotic events that occur throughout the growing season. BioLiNE® products increase both nutrient and water use efficiency (NUE and WUE). Our products can be applied in concert with any best management practice for any given crop. BioLiNE® products historically have demonstrated good R.O.I.