Giving Plants a New Appetite for Growth

BioLiNE® fulvic acid products have a proven track record of outstanding and consistent performance with over 2.5 million acres of on-farm application. Our technology is essential to supporting crops’ natural defenses, helping them achieve their innate genetic yield potential.

BioLiNE® products are versatile and may be applied at any time through the crop season. Application examples include seed treatments, in-furrow and starter fertilizers, all types of irrigation systems, soil drenches and foliar. Our formulations can be used for all types of crops including: field-grown, nursery propagated plants in containers, and hydroponic greenhouses.

Enhance Crop Health & Vigor with BioLiNE®

BioLiNE products improve crops by:

  • Aiding rapid and even emergence of crops
  • Nourishing crops through improved nutrient use efficiency
  • Improving water use efficiency of crops
  • Invigorating the diversity and population of beneficial microbes
  • Increasing crops’ own natural defenses against stress
  • Armoring crops’ ability to adapt to environmental changes
  • Helping crops reach their innate genetic yield potential

BioLiNE products consistently deliver results by:

  • Donating and accepting electrolytes helping to maintain electrochemical balance at a cellular level, inside crops
  • Enabling massive transport of nutrients through the soil solution, to the roots and into plant cells through a process we call Dynamic Nutrient Exchange™
  • Improving cell permeability of nutrients across plasma membranes

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BioLiNE® Gold Fulvic Acid

BioLiNE® Gold is a superior fulvic acid product with unparalleled performance and potency. It is a naturally occurring organic acid with numerous benefits to crop and soil health. BioLiNE Gold is a highly purified, concentrated fulvic acid produced through our proprietary Fulv-IQ® Process.

BioLiNE® Emerald Organic

BioLiNE® Emerald is a certified input for organic farming, designed to work in concert with other organic nutritional programs. Nourishing crops through the various stages of growth, BioLiNE Emerald can be applied in-furrow, side dressed or banded. Foliar and fertigation of BioLiNE Emerald ensure that crops get superior nourishment at key phases of development.

BioLiNE® Platinum

BioLiNE® Platinum is a premium formulation of nutrients, vitamins, amino acids, and our proprietary active organic chemistry. Platinum was formulated to fortify plants from abiotic stress that occurs throughout the growing season. On-farm experience over numerous seasons has shown positive yield response when abiotic stress is at a minimum throughout the growing season. Performance-enhancing enzymes, vitamins and amino acid work in tandem with our proprietary Biogenic Nutrient Accelerator™ resulting in a synergistic impact on the vitality and vigor of crops.








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