BioLiNE ® Gold

A superior fulvic acid product with unparalleled performance and potency. It is a naturally occurring organic acid with numerous benefits to crop and soil health. BioLiNE ® Gold is a highly purified, concentrated fulvic acid purified through our proprietary Fulv-IQ™ Process.

BioLiNE ® Emerald

A certified input for organic farming, designed to work in concert with other organic nutritional programs. Nourishing crops through the various stages of growth, BioLiNE ® Emerald ensures that crops get superior nourishment at key phases of development.

BioLiNE Products Helping Build Healthier Soils

As a technology development company, BioLiNE® is determined to bring to market innovative technologies that improve soil health. As farmers, we are all stewards of the land and our land is changing. Reductions in the depth of topsoil, moisture-holding capacity, and organic matter are evident on many farms across North America. The adoption of regenerative agricultural practices and principals rooted in improving the health of our soils can help mitigate and reverse these trends.

Topsoil is a major part of the planets’ natural carbon sink. Supporting our farms’ soil biology helps build and retain organic matter in our soil, capturing carbon and leading to healthier, more resilient crops. BioLiNE products help build healthier soils by elevating the exchange of nutrients and organic carbon among the microbes themselves and between the microbes and the plant. By feeding soil biology, BioLiNE products invigorate the diversity and population of soil microbes, accelerating the increase in soil organic matter.

What makes BioLiNE® Products so exceptional?

Extremely High Potency

When compared with most other products on the market, BioLiNE products have extremely high potency. With as little as 10 oz. per acre usage rates eliciting crop response, BioLiNE products can be incorporated into virtually all fertilizer and crop input formulations requiring very minimal free-water displacement.

Maximum Purity

BioLiNE products are purified through our proprietary multi-staged process targeting specific active ingredients for our products. Free of particulate matter and contaminants, BioLiNE products are pure, clean and easy-to-use.

Highly Compatible with Other Inputs

Whether combined with other organic or conventional inputs, BioLiNE products are highly compatible. We have tested our products in combination with hundreds of other input combinations of differing pH, nutrient loading, and active ingredients. Our BioLiNE formulations are highly stable and compatible.

How Do BioLiNE® Products Help Growers?

BioLiNE has developed products that enhance crops through their entire life-cycle from seeding to harvest. Our products are highly bioactive liquids that are easy to handle and can be mixed or added to almost all agricultural inputs. The versatility of BioLiNE products keeps things simple for farmers, formulators, and custom applicators. Our products are great for use as seed treatment or mixed with in-furrow starter fertilizers. They can be applied easily by all types of irrigation systems, soil drenches or foliar for all types of crops including field-grown, container nursery, greenhouses and other methods of crop production.

Rapid and Even Emergence

When BioLiNE products are used in seed coat formulations or applied to the soil at the time of seeding, they help to nourish the plant and the microbes in the soil, protecting the seed against environmental (abiotic) stress.

Invigorating Soil Biology

Soil health as a hallmark of regenerative agricultural is heavily dependent on soil biology. BioLiNE products elevate the exchange of nutrients and organic carbon among the microbes themselves and between the microbes and the plant. Microbes and other bugs in the soil thrive on decaying plant matter and carbohydrates. Empowered by the combination of Dynamic Nutrient Exchange, improved cell permeability, and bioactive chemistry BioLiNE products are highly efficient at exchanging nutrients and other organics between soil particles, microbes and crops. Our products invigorate microbial activity helping to increase the quantity and health of plant-beneficial microbes in the soil.

Buffer pH and Mitigate Against High Salinity

BioLiNE products are excellent pH buffers. With an abundance of both negative and positively charged sites, BioLiNE can absorb both acidic (H+) and alkaline (OH) ions that might otherwise affect pH. In high saline soil, BioLiNE in the soil solution can regulate the salinity by retaining excess salt, mitigating the impact on the plants’ roots to acquire nutrients and thrive.

Improved Nutrient Use Efficiency

Our products are highly bioactive and increase the bioavailability of soil nutrients. Empowered by Dynamic Nutrient Exchange™ (DNE) and superior cell permeability, our products intensify the utilization of applied nutrients by crops. BioLiNE retains and exchanges essential nutrients with the roots. It eliminates stress from high concentrations of soluble nitrogen (nitrogen burn), enhances the microbial ecology in the rhizosphere (root zone) and stimulates cell division in the roots. This increases root development, further amplifying the increase in nutrient uptake.

Increase Crops' Natural Defenses

BioLiNE products have a proven track record of improving the resistance of crops to drought and enhancing crops’ ability to thrive in soils with high salinity, high sodic levels, or both. BioLiNE products also help buffer pH, limiting the impact of acidity or alkalinity on crops.

Preserving the Genetic Yield Potential of Crops

The innate genetic yield potential of crops far exceeds what we can achieve on our farms. Much of this yield loss is due to soil conditions, weather, and other environmental (abiotic) stress that the crop endures from seeding to harvest. BioLiNE products armour the plant to adapt better to environmental changes, and better preserve their innate, genetic yield potential under less than ideal growing conditions. The application of fulvic acid at crop establishment, and as a foliar at different stages of growth improves the overall health of crops, ultimately leading to higher yields.

How Do They Work? What Does BioLiNE Do?

Electrochemical Balance

Just like neuron cells in animals, the cell membranes in plants can generate action potentials. Action potential is defined as a rapid upward spike in membrane potential (voltage difference between interior and exterior of a cell) followed by a rapid fall. Researchers have established action potentials as the mechanisms for intercellular and intracellular communication in response to environmental irritants in plant cells. Action potential generation and propagation cause the cells, tissues, and organs of plants to transmit electrochemical impulses over short and long distances. This transmission induces several changes in physiological processes of plants, such as photosynthesis, respiration, phloem transport, gene expression and others.

The generation of action potential is highly dependent on the electrochemical balance of the plant. Improving the electrochemical balance of plants is essential to the plant’s natural defenses working properly. BioLiNE products have an amazingly high capacity to supply electrolytes and induce electrochemical balance. Our products act as both donor and acceptors of electrolytes within plant roots, veins (xylem and phloem), and cells.

Enhanced Nutrient Transport and Uptake

For plants to use minerals and nutrients, just having them in the soil is not enough. Effective nutrient transport through the soil to the roots and into the plant depends on many factors including soil moisture, the mobility of the nutrients, the concentration and bioavailability of the nutrients and soil structure. Furthermore, as described by Mulder’s Chart, many nutrients have antagonistic interaction in the soil that severely limits the plant’s ability to use them. BioLiNE products are the “truckers” of nutrients and minerals. Through a process of Dynamic Nutrient Exchange™, BioLiNE products mitigate issues of transport and nutrient imbalance. They do this by continually exchanging nutrients in the soil solution, between microbes, soil particles, and plant roots, ensuring the nutrients the plant needs are delivered to the roots and readily transported into the plant.

Improved Nutrient Cell Permeability

All nutrients taken up by the roots of plants need to permeate across at least one plasma membrane which is impermeable to ions. This requires active transport where the plant spends energy (ATP-consuming H+ pumps).  BioLiNE products improve the permeability of all nutrients and minerals they carry to the cells, and all cell exudates coming out of the cells. BioLiNE products restore balance by regulating ion homeostasis. They reduce energy-wasteful and futile cycling of ions at the plasma membrane. All of this improves the efficient use of nutrients by plants.

Bioactive Chemistry

BioLiNE products have an abundance of compounds with high concentrations of hydroxylic, methoxylic, aryl and carboxylic acid functional groups which can help increase the bioavailability of nutrients and fertilizers, improving the efficiency of their use. The high bioactivity also helps increase water use efficiency and abiotic stress tolerance of plants to environmental factors such as droughts. The bioactive nature of our products also helps invigorate plant-beneficial microorganisms.

What are the Applications for Bioline® Technology?

Seed Treatment

BioliNE® technology is readily and easily mixed with other ingredients for seed treatments. When used in seed treatments our products promote rapid and even emergence of crops. In this early and important phase of the plant growth, BioLiNE products promote root development, support enhanced nutrient uptake and encourage healthy plant development.

Starter Fertilizer

BioLiNE® technology significantly increase crops’ response to starter and pop-up fertilizers. With as little as 10 oz. per acre,  BioLiNE products can be incorporated into all starter fertilizer formulations.

Foliar Spray or In an Irrigation System

BioLiNE® technology can be mixed with other fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, or fungicides and applied to plants by foliar spray or through fertigation systems. BioLiNE products are pure and clean, leaving no residues. They can be applied through all irrigation methods, including sprinkler irrigation systems, hassle-free.

Hydroponic Growing

BioliNE® technology are easily mixed into the nutrient solutions used in hydroponic systems or applied through foliar spray or drip-lines. Our products have a proven track record of impressive responses in deep water culture hydroponic systems and vertical farms.

Horticulture, Floriculture, Lawn and Turf

The benefits of BioLiNE technology extend to other plants including various potted plants, trees, flowers, turf and golf industries.   

Available Globally

BioLiNE products are available to International customers and can be purchased in bulk tanker loads, 275 USG (1000L) totes, or skids of  2.5 USG (10L) jugs.