Agronomy Programs Empowered by BioLiNE Helping Grain Growers

Our BioLiNE® technology transports and assimilates nutrients, and other plant beneficial ingredients more efficiently. Our products are highly bioactive liquids that are easy to handle and can be easily mixed with other inputs. Early scouting reports from grain growers in Western Canada have been impressive.
Farmer: Abe Nuefeld (Alberta, Canada)
Grains Treated: Wheat, Durum and Pinto Beans
Agronomy Program: Neil Batchelor (BioLiNE), Nico Tavchandjian (Stoller) and Elan Noga (South Country Co-op, Brooks AB) formulated a program for this season that included the application of BioLiNE® Gold and Stimulate (Stoller) at planting and BioLiNE® Gold and Bio-Forge (Stoller) with herbicide application.

Early Emergence:

Picture taken on May 11. Planting was May 2. The pinto bean seedling emerged at soil temperatures of only 11C (52F).

Early Nodulation * Lots of Root Hairs:

“I have never seen this amount of nodulation this early. The root structures are very advanced for this size of plant. Lots of hair and secondary roots.”

Two to Three Wheat Tillers

“Two to three tillers on each plant and I have never seen roots like this on my wheat before!” Strong and stiff stems with a gorgeous canopy you can walk an elephant across.

The versatility of BioLiNE® products keeps things simple. The BioLiNE® family of products have a proven track record of outstanding and consistent performance established through hundreds of thousands of acres of on-farm application.