How Does BioLiNE® Help Root and Tuber Plant Production?

(Carrots, potatoes, beets, sweet potatoes, yams, and cassava)

BioLiNE’s technology drastically improves the transport and assimilation of nutrients and other plant beneficial compounds. BioLiNE® products are the “truckers” of nutrients and minerals. Through a process of Dynamic Nutrient Exchange™, BioLiNE® products mitigate issues of transport and nutrient imbalance. They do this by continually exchanging nutrients in the soil solution, between microbes, soil particles, and plant roots. This ensures the nutrients the plant needs are delivered to the roots and readily transported into the plant. BioLiNE® technology can be applied at various stages in the development of root and tuber crops.

Example root and tuber program:

  1. Stage 1: tank mixed with liquid fertilizer for in-furrow applications at 1 L (32 oz) per acre
  2. Stage 2: tank mixed with herbicide or other nutrient inputs at 500 mL (17 oz) per acre
  3. Stage 3: tank mixed with fungicide or other nutrient inputs at 250 mL (8 oz) per acre every two weeks

Trial Results

2020 Potato Trials – Florida

With no added fertility, the control plants produced a total of 24 potatoes and plants treated with BioLiNE® produced a total of 38 potatoes (58.3% yield increase). When treated with fertilizer, yield increased to 81 potatoes, however when fertilizer was added with BioLiNE®, yield increased to 90 potatoes (12.5% yield increase). Total mass of harvested potatoes also increased from 5.96kg to 7.99kg when treated with BioLiNE® (34.1% increase).

Potatoes with no nutrient.
Control – no fertilizer (24 potatoes)
Potatoes treated with BioLiNE Gold and no nutrient.
BioLiNE® – no fertilizer (38 potatoes)
Potatoes with full nutrient.
Control – full fertilizer (81 potatoes)
Potatoes treated with BioLiNE Gold and full nutrient.
BioLiNE® + full fertilizer (90 potatoes)