How Does BioLiNE® Help Legume Production?

(Beans, nuts, peas, and lentils)

BioLiNE’s technology drastically improves the transport and assimilation of nutrients and other plant beneficial compounds. Combining superior cell permeability, bioactive chemistry, and accelerated nutrient exchange is our advantage. Our technology is an effective crop management tool that armors legume crops against stress-induced pod abortions and improved nutrient transport helps drive seed fill to increase yields. BioLiNE® technology can be applied at various stages in the development of legume crops.

Trial Results

Drought Stress Amelioration Wintering Hills Colony 2021

Average field pea yield for the Southern Alberta in 2020 was 48.1 bu/acre. Due to an intense drought year in 2021, this average decreased to 18.9 bu/acre (39% yield) (Alberta Crop Report).

With application of BioLiNE® Gold over 5 different farms in the Wintering Hills Colony, the average wheat yield increased to 29.8 bu/acre, (62% yield compared to 2020 data and 57.7% increase over county average in 2021).

Other Trials

2020 Field Peas (North Peace Applied Research Association (NPARA), Alberta) – In-furrow and foliar application of BioLiNE Gold increased yield from 1.4 bu/ac to 2.1 bu/ac

2018 Beans (Stoneville R&D Inc.) – Foliar application (8 oz) of BioLiNE® resulted in 5 bu/ac response over control (64 to 69 bu/ac)

2017 Beans (Stoneville R&D Inc.) – Foliar application (8 oz) of BioLiNE® with Manganese (Mn) resulted in 9.3% increase in tissue  concentration of Mn and 3 bu/ac yield response