How Does BioLiNE® Help Cotton Production?

Dryland cotton crops are exposed to a variety of environmental stresses that can reduce both yield and lint quality. BioLiNE® Gold is an effective and affordable tool for helping dryland cotton growers manage their crops. Our Fulvic Acids are essential to defending crops against heat stress and water deficiency. We use our proprietary Fulv-IQ® process to purify and isolate targeted fractions of fulvic acids that are most effective in transporting nutrients and protecting crops against heat and drought stress. Additionally, BioLiNE® Gold is known for its compatibility with other inputs, and ease-of-use. With low usage rate requirements, our versatile solutions drive nutrients to your crops and helps you balance your fertility.

  1. BioLiNE Gold at 4oz / CWT to your seed treatment program
  2. BioLiNE Gold at 10oz/ acre from first to sixth leaf growth stage
  3. BioLiNE Gold at 10oz / acre at (a) pinhead square and (b) match head square
  4. BioLiNE Gold at 10oz / acre applied with insecticides and herbicides and fertilizers as needed

Trial Results

Other Trials

Stoneville R&D Inc. (2017): Foliar application (8 oz) of BioLiNE® with Zinc (Zn) resulted in 38% increase in tissue concentration of Zn (55 ppm to 76 ppm) compared to the control. At harvest the BioLiNE® treatments increased lint yield by 111 lbs per acre (515 to 626 lbs).