How Does BioLiNE® Help Fruiting Vegetable Production?

(Eggplant, peppers, and tomatoes)

Application of BioLiNE® products drastically improves the transport and assimilation of nutrients and other plant beneficial compounds. Combining superior cell permeability, bioactive chemistry, and accelerated nutrient exchange is our advantage. Our technology is an effective crop management tool. Application of BioLiNE® products helps prevent nutrient lockup to ensure nutrients are available when requirements are high. The result is increased fruit production and fruit size to help maximize marketable fruit yield. BioLiNE® technology can be applied at various stages in the development of fruiting vegetable crops including:

  1. At transplanting: Add BioLiNE® @ 4oz / 100-gallon transplant solution applied at 200-300 gallons per acre
  2. For seeded crops: Apply BioLiNE® @ 16oz/ acre with first irrigation cycle or foliar at 2 true leaf
  3. Fertigation/Foliar: First applications of BioLiNE® @ 16oz/ acre. Starting with the second application of BioLiNE® you may reduce rate of applications to 8-10oz per acre.

Trial Results

Root size and branching improvement when treated with BioLiNE Gold.

Enhancing Root Growth with BioLiNE®

Tomato plants were treated with 400 ppm BioLiNE® Gold using a deep water culture setup. The overall weight of the roots for the tomato plants treated with 400 ppm BioLiNE® Gold weighed more than the control, were longer, and had more branching.

Pepper size improvement when treated with BioLiNE Gold.

Enhancing Fruit Growth with BioLiNE®

Green peppers received two applications of BioLiNE® Gold with the growers standard fertilizer mix under drip-irrigation. Fulvic acid helps to increase nutrient transport and use by the plant, which allows it to produce larger, more marketable fruit.

Other Trials

Bell Peppers Transplant/Dip Trials (Penn State University) 2019: Increase in number of fruits from 23.3 to 42.7. Increase in total fruit weight from 13.9 lbs to 20.9 lbs.