Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership – BioLiNE Success Story

This short two minute video was created by Bioenterprise with funding support from Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA). The video highlights BioLiNE®‘s success in helping farmers improve their profitability and protect their crops maintain yield and quality when experiencing environmental (abiotic) stress factors such as heat and drought. With expansion to new markets in the horticultural industry and through exports to Europe, BioLiNE® continues to help improve sustainability of food production by expanding our partnerships. BioLiNE® is committed to providing value to our customers and ensuring satisfaction through proactive engagement every step of the way. BioLiNE® is an industry leader in research and contribution to the scientific advancement of sustainability in agriculture.

We use our innovative Fulv-IQ® process to isolate targeted fractions of fulvic acids and amplify the most crop-beneficial properties of these naturally formed organic acids. Supplementing crop production with our technology help growers improve yields, reduce inputs, and feed soil biology. Our technologie bolsters the crops natural defenses against key stress factors throughout the season. Significant yield loss occurs due to environmental (abiotic) stress endured by crops from seeding to harvest. Our innovation supports the crops’ ability to withstand abiotic stress and preserve against yield loss.

BioLiNE® produits are a reliable tool in your toolbox, helping you feed your crops the nutrients they need. With low usage rate requirements, our technology is easily added to starter and foliar fertilizers, tank-mixed with herbicides or fungicides, impregnated onto dry fertilizers, or applied as an ingredient in seed treatment.