The Stimulant Newsletter Jan-2019 Edition

The Stimulant™ is a bi‐monthly newsletter informing readers about the latest news in the bio-stimulant industry. Our purpose is to educate
readers about the crop and soil health benefits of biosmulants, and feature data from our research.

Feature Articles in this Issue:

  1. BioLiNE Gold to the Rescue – An article highlighting some big impact observed with foliar usage of BioLiNE Gold.
  2. Biostimulants: Challenges and Opportunities – An article on the state, advances made, and opportunities for the bio-stimulants.
  3. Overcoming Stress – An article highlighting data on the ability of BioLiNE Gold to overcome a) copper toxicity and b) Boron and Manganese deficiency.
  4. Featured Industry News and Events

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The Stimulant™ Newsletter