BioLine Vision

Bioline aspires to produce the highest quality biostimulants for invigorating plant and soil health. As such, our formulations are founded on intense research and leverage innovative processing technologies. Enabled by our breakthroughs in processing, we are advancing and accelerating the wide-spread adoption of biostimulants. Furthermore, with our focus on evidence-based science, we are increasing data on the benefits of using biostimulants. Ultimately, Bioline exemplifies sustainability and environmental stewardship through our practices, and products. With a motivated and energetic team, we promote a positive and inclusive culture that puts our people first.

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We are a family owned and operated company, dedicated to creating innovative products.

We are dedicated to producing innovative products to enhance crop quality and optimize yield.

We have developed a method of producing superior quality fulvic acid using our proprietary process.

Creating value out of waste, our Bioline® Gold is highly purified and concentrated fulvic acid extracted from spent mushroom substrate.

We are driven to advance the scientific knowledge of biostimulants, and their benefits to various crops.

We are devoted to producing the most effective and sustainable crop and soil health inputs for growers.

We promise value to our customers, and ensure satisfaction through proactive engagement every step of the way.

Our History

Ray McDonald is the founder of Bioline Corporation. He has been committed to developing innovative solutions for more than 45 years. For this reason he has helped countless farmers to improv their bottom lines. Throughout his successful careers, Ray has been influential in pioneering, developing and marketing fertilizer formulations that enhance and optimize crop response.

In the mid 1980s, Ray began working closely with Jerry Stoller, of Stoller USA, in Houston, Texas. The involvement with Jerry Stoller, led to a long-lasting relationship that extends to today. Ray was an important contributor to the genesis of CanGrow Farm Services in 1986, and became the owner of the company in the mid 1990’s renaming the company to CanGrow Crop Solutions.

CanGrow has continued as an industry front-runner in providing farmers with products, programs and crop management solutions that address their challenges, and optimizes their growing potential. Ray has also worked closely with Johnny McRight, of DeltAg Formulations in Greenville, Mississippi, bringing superior biostimulants, and micronutrient products to the Canadian market.

For many years, both Ray and Johnny have been in search of a consistent, reliable and cost-effective source of concentrated fulvic acid with high purity and high potency. In 2016, Ray McDonald founded Bioline Corporation to develop and commercialize a superior fulvic acid product that exceeds these demands.

Meet Our Energetic Team

To lead the development and commercialization of our innovative biostimulant products, we have assembled a talented team of industry experts with decades of experience in helping farmers get the most out of their crops.

Profile shot of Ray McDonald

Ray McDonald

Owner & President

Johnny McRight

Market and Product Advisor

Neil Batchelor

Sales and Marketing

Profile shot of Mohammad Rahbari

Mohammad Rahbari

VP Research & Development

Profile shot of Dr. Cameron Graham

Dr. Cameron Graham

Research Chemist

Profile shot of Eryn Cummings

Eryn Cummings

Administrative Manager

Profile shot of Andrew Van Bynen

Andrew Van Bynen

Production Supervisor

Profile shot of Steven Wilson

Steven Wilson

Team Lead - Maintenance