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Our Innovative Technology

BioLiNE produces high quality fulvic acid and humic acid products. We have a unique approach to our extraction process, differentiating us and the potency of our products from the rest of the market. We produce our highly beneficial, naturally-occurring organic acids, through a patented extraction process that uses spent mushroom compost as the source of our humic substances. Without the need for harsh chemicals, we extract, separate, purify and concentrate our fulvic and humic acid fractions and use them as the building blocks for our product formulations.

Tractor holding bail of hay
Illustration of the BioLINE process

Bioline Process Highlights

The BioLiNE® process is a platform technology for the beneficiation of biomass with various potential applications. The name BioLiNE stands for Biomass Liquid Nutrient Extraction. When the process is used in the extraction of fulvic acid from spent mushroom compost it features:

  1. A gentle extraction process without the need for harsh chemicals;
  2. Highly energy efficient process that is carried-out at ambient pressure and temperature;
  3. Produces highly potent and bioactive product; small fulvic acid complex size; and high oxygen content;
  4. Fulvic Acid Products have ultra-low ash content;
  5. Powered by the FulvIQ™ purification technology producing highly pure fulvic acid product; and
  6. Eco-friendly and sustainable process that results in a net reduction of 2,500 lbs of CO2E in GHG emissions per ton of SMC we process.

BioLiNE® Features & Advantages

BioLiNE® Gold, our flagship product, is a highly purified and potent liquid fulvic acid extract. Fulvic acid is a naturally occurring biostimulant with numerous benefits for crops. It also can play an important role in improving soil health by promoting microbial diversity, population and balance. Fulvic acid also has several beneficial impacts that improve the physical properties of the soil including soil pH, moisture holding capacity, and aeration. We use leading-edge separation and purification techniques to achieve a superior fulvic acid product with unparalleled quality. Our BioLiNE Gold enhances nutrient uptake, and improves crop health and ultimately yield.

There are multiple methods of use and applications where BioLiNE Gold will stimulate and benefit crop production. As a liquid, our BioLiNE Gold can be mixed with all liquid pop-up (starter) fertilizers. It can also be used as an ingredient in seed coat treatments. It is a fantastic ingredient for liquid-starter fertilizer formulations, boosting the response fertilizers can elicit from crops. Crop establishment is improved through the stimulation of the crop in the first three to four weeks by applying BioLiNE Gold in-furrow or by banding a mixture of liquid nutrients and BioLiNE Gold. With multiple modes of action producing an amplified response, we encourage an additional two to four foliar applications. Given its high purity, and potency a small volume of BioLiNE Gold can be mixed with other nutrients, fungicides, pesticides or herbicides and applied as a foliar spray. As a result of its compatibility with other agricultural inputs, an additional pass is not required. BioLiNE Gold can also be used in hydroponics growing systems, or drip-irrigation.