Wie funktioniert BioLiNE® Help Bulb Vegetable Production?

(Fennel, garlic, leeks, onions, shallots, and spring onions)

For plants to use minerals and nutrients, just having them in the soil is not enough. Effective nutrient transport through the soil to the roots and into the plant depends on many factors including soil moisture, the mobility of the nutrients, the concentration and bioavailability of the nutrients and soil structure. Furthermore, as described by Mulder’s Chart, many nutrients have antagonistic interaction in the soil that severely limits the plant’s ability to use them. BioLiNE products are the “truckers” of nutrients and minerals. BioLiNE® products also mitigate issues of transport and nutrient imbalance. This is done by continually exchanging nutrients in the soil solution, between microbes, soil particles, and plant roots, ensuring the nutrients the plant needs are delivered to the roots and readily transported into the plant.

  1. Foliar Schedule Guide: Apply BioLiNE® at 500mL/acre. It is best to apply with every foliar application of insecticides and/or fungicide throughout the season.
  2. Drip Irrigation: Apply BioLiNE® at 500mL/acre starting 2 weeks after setting or by the fourth leaf “leek” stage with other nutrients.
  3. Key Times: Apply BioLiNE at 500mL/acre every 7-10 days before 3-5 leaf. Continue through 8-13 leaf at the start of bulbing when plants reach their maximum height. May be applied with pesticides and other nutrients.

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