Como é que BioLiNE® Help Leafy Vegetable Production?

(Lettuce, herbs, spinach, arugula, swiss chard, etc.)

Whether grown hydroponically or out in the field, BioLiNE® fulvic acid transports and assimilates nutrients, and other plant beneficial ingredients more efficiently. BioLiNE® produtos enhance crop health through their entire life-cycle from seeding to harvest. The BioLiNE® Os produtos fornecem electrólitos e estabelecem o equilíbrio electroquímico nas plantas. O resultado é rápido e até a emergência com o aumento das defesas naturais contra o stress.

Resultados do ensaio

Overcoming Nutrient Insufficiency – DWC

BioLiNE® produtos can be a useful tool for hydroponics systems. Lettuce grown in a deep water culture hydroponic system were given 25% of the required macro and micro nutrients. The results showed a 17% increase in overall growth compared to plants given optimal nutrient levels and 36% increase over lettuce with only 25% of nutrients. This is because BioLiNE® fulvic acid acts as an efficient nutrient transporter in hydroponics solutions when nutrient levels are low to help maximize growth.

Overcoming High Salinity – DWC

BioLiNE® produtos have been tested under high salt environments. Salt content can be detrimental to a plant in high concentrations. Due to its small size, sodium and chloride ions can easily enter the plant before other beneficial ions, making it more difficult for the plant to get the nutrients it needs. Buildup of sodium and chloride and other heavy metals in plants can reach toxic levels that causes stunted growth and arrested cell development. Fulvic acid can help mitigate the effects of salt stress on plants by improving salt tolerance. They do this by balancing nutrient levels and stabilizing substances that are toxic to the plant.

Under a high salt environment, the addition of 300ppm BioLiNE Ouro increased lettuce yields by 262%. Under a high copper environment, the yield of basil compared to a control containing normal copper levels decreased by 39%. However, when treated with BioLiNE gold, basil plant growth increased by 105% compared to the control.

Control – Hoagland’s Nutrient Solution + 4500ppm NaCl*

*Added incrementally over first 10 days of trial

Hoagland’s Nutrient Solution + 4500ppm NaCl* + 300ppm BioLiNE®

*Added incrementally over first 10 days of trial

Control – Hoagland’s with 20x Copper Concentration
Hoagland’s with 20x Copper Concentration + 300ppm BioLiNE®