Comment BioLiNE® Help Berry and Small Fruit Production?

(Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, grapes, currants, and gooseberries)

Application de BioLiNE® produits améliore considérablement le transport et l'assimilation des nutriments et autres composés bénéfiques pour les plantes. La combinaison d'une perméabilité cellulaire supérieure, d'une chimie bioactive et d'un échange accéléré de nutriments constitue notre avantage. Notre site technologie est un outil efficace de gestion des cultures. Application de BioLiNE® products helps prevent nutrient lockup to ensure nutrients are available when requirements are high, balance pH, and support microbial growth. The result is increased fruit production.

Résultats du procès

2022 HORTECH Strawberry Trials

HORTECH International is an independent research organization providing R&D services to the Horticultural Sector in Ontario. In 2022, Maria Derkacz conducted side-by-side field trials with three commercial strawberry growers in Ontario: Niagara (A), Haldimand County (B), and Elgin County (C). Strawberry plants treated with BioLiNE® Gold fulvic acid showed an increase in total harvestable fruit, average berry weight, and Brix sugar content. These results show that BioLiNE® Gold had a significant impact on mitigating the effects of heat stress and protecting yield loss.