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February 2019

  • New Product Development Agronomist Position with BioLiNE Corp. in Ontario

    BioLiNE is hiring a new Product Development Agronomist to join our team in Ontario.
    Position Overview:
    The Product Development Agronomist will work closely with farmers, supporting and coordinating resources and efforts to establish trials on their farms. This activity includes the communication of protocols and collection of qualitative and quantitative data form the trials. The candidate would be involved directly in collecting samples, observations, and data. The ideal candidate enjoys the outdoors and working closely with farmers in their fields.
    Key Responsibilities:

    Assist multiple sales personnel to identify potential growers for trials in their territories;
    Coordinate tasks and logistics for these field trials;
    Communicate protocols for […]

  • The Stimulant Newsletter Jan-2019 Edition

    The Stimulant™ is a bi‐monthly newsletter informing readers about the latest news in the bio-stimulant industry. Our purpose is to educate
    readers about the crop and soil health benefits of biosmulants, and feature data from our research.

    Feature Articles in this Issue:

    BioLiNE Gold to the Rescue – An article highlighting some big impact observed with foliar usage of BioLiNE Gold.
    Biostimulants: Challenges and Opportunities – An article on the state, advances made, and opportunities for the bio-stimulants.
    Overcoming Stress – An article highlighting data on the ability of BioLiNE Gold to overcome a) copper toxicity and b) Boron and Manganese deficiency.