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September 2018

  • BioLiNE Gold

    Applications and Advantages of BioLiNE Gold

    In this video you can find information on typical application rates and advantages of using BioLiNE Gold. It is a highly purified and potent liquid fulvic acid extract. Fulvic acid is a naturally occurring biostimulant with numerous benefits for crops. It also can play an important role in improving soil health by promoting microbial balance and improving the physical properties of the soil. We use leading-edge separation and purification techniques to achieve a superior fulvic acid product with unparalleled quality. Our BioLiNE Gold enhances nutrient uptake, and improves crop health and ultimately yield. We have posted another video titled “BioLiNE […]

  • Benefits of BioLiNE Gold (Corn Starter Trials)

    Benefits of Bioline Gold – Sept 2018We are thrilled to share results from a field trial carried out by Ecologistics Research Services. We used 10 Oz (300mL) per acre rate of BioLiNE® Gold, and applied it in-furrow at the time of seeding corn. We also applied a starter (pop-up) fertilizer at a rate of 4 Gallons (16L) per acre. In the six replicated plots containing BioLiNE Gold, we mixed the BioLiNE Gold with the starter fertilizer and applied in-furrow. For comparison, we treated six replicated plots with only the 4 gallons (16L) of starter fertilizer, and six replicated plots were […]

  • BioLiNE Corp

    Video Introduction to Bioline Corp., an Ontario-based Biostimulant Innovator

    At Bioline, we are leading the development of a next generation of biostimulants. With a focus on evidence-based science we strive to produce a superior fulvic acid product for use in agriculture. We have produced this short video to inform farmers and fertilizer formulators about our company.
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  • BioLiNE Gold

    BioLiNE Gold: Superior Liquid Fulvic Acid for Crops

    Our team has a mission to advance the scientific knowledge of biostimulants and their benefits to agriculture. As part of that mission we will be publishing videos where we share information on biostimulants. In addition to the videos, we will also be releasing other relevant and informative publications. Since our Bioline Gold is a fulvic acid our first few releases will focus on fulvic acid. In this our first video, we provide some basic information on the benefits of fulvic acid. The video begins with the basics on how fulvic acid is formed in nature. This is followed by info […]